Friday May 01, 2020
KING’S Lynn racer Ty Proctor is keeping busy – and he’s signed up as a volunteer for the NHS.

Aussie ace Proctor is working for a water company in South Yorkshire where he is based and is classed as a key worker.

But he’s also offered to help the NHS as a way of saying thanks to the UK which has been his home for 12 years.

He said: “As I am working and classed as a key worker, I am still able to go to work every day and I feel healthy with no symptoms.

“I thought that I am in a situation where I could help those that aren’t so fortunate with what’s happening, so I signed up.

“Nearly half a million people have also signed up so we just have to wait for an email to see what we can help with.

“If I can help then I will always do my best and give back to a country that helped me, and provided me with a home for the last 12 years

“I didn’t do it for any other reason than to help. I went public about it because I felt that there were so many riders that now do not have anything to do, and we could all do a bit to help.”

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