Friday June 12, 2020
ROBERT Lambert is ready to ditch memories of an injury-ravaged year when Polish League racing starts this weekend.

King’s Lynn man Lambert saw a month of his 2019 campaign wiped out by a back injury and admits he came back too soon.

And he’s had a major revamp behind the scenes in a bid to get his career back on track. “Things have been changing for me with a lot of things in the background and I have pretty much revamped everything now,” said Lambert.

“I have got different mechanics in Poland and I have got a new van along with new bits for my bikes too so we have just been trying to prepare the best that we can really.

“Obviously last year wasn’t the best season that I have ever had so I have tried to put everything into it and spent a lot of money on getting prepared.

“We have all been preparing for the season in Poland. I’ve put a lot of effort and money into getting ready for the campaign.

“We have had to make the best of a bad situation with this pandemic but I have been keeping my routine the same with my fitness and I have tried to stay as fit as possible to be more prepared for when the racing gets underway.

“It just felt like my winter training has continued and if anything, I haven’t really stopped at all because I was still in full swing enjoying my training.

“I am feeling good about things and I am looking forward to starting the season in Poland.”

British bosses are still hoping for a mid-August restart for the UK season with more news expected after the early July government update. Minors and Brady Stars remain one of seven top flight clubs watching the situation closely.


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