Friday July 17, 2020
KING’S Lynn skipper Lewis Kerr is ready to get back on a bike with hopes raised for a shortened season starting next month.

Kerr rode in the one and only meeting staged so far this season at Scunthorpe in March which raised money for the Benevolent Fund.

But with spectators allowed into stock car meetings from July 25, British Speedway bosses are awaiting the green light for their own events.

Kerr, who has taken over the captaincy from Robert Lambert, said: “With talk of a start to the season possibly next month I’m now looking at getting out on the bike soon.

“It’s been a while since the Ben Fund meeting and I’m starting to miss it now.

“I’ve been busy through the lockdown and earning money which is good.

“I’ve put my carpentry skills to good use floating between building sites with work.

“I really have to thank my brother’s company First Klasse, one of my sponsors Norfolk Cabins and my brother in law’s company Bespoke Norfolk Group for all of the work.

“If we don’t get a season they have assured me they will continue to find me regular work so I’m really grateful for that.

“A lot of riders haven’t got a trade to fall back on and I can only imagine how tough they must have had things waiting for a season to start.”

Minors and Brady Stars man Craig Cook is due to return to the track this weekend with a practice session at Redcar’s South Tees Motorsport Park.

Cook had hinted he was going to sit this season out after Glasgow withdrew, meaning half his British earnings were lost, but has since held constructive discussions with club co-promoter Dale Allitt.

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