Friday July 24, 2020
KING’S Lynn owner Keith Chapman has been left counting the cost of no Premiership league racing this year.

But he’s confirmed the Stars will be back in action for the 2021 season at the Adrian Flux Arena and is keen to keep the same team if possible.

“It’s cost us thousands and thousands in missed income,” said Chapman. “And because we oversee everything at the Arena, our costs are fixed for the year, whatever comes in we know what our outgoings are and it’s been a dreadful time.

“From that point of view we are worse off than those clubs who rent from landlords and only pay for the use of the venue on a match by match basis.

“Despite all this King’s Lynn Speedway will bounce back, I have no doubt about that, and this is a time for us all to stick together, get through the winter and rebuild for a big push towards 2021.

““Every effort was made by promoters up and down the country to stage league racing but it’s just not possible and it’s great news for the sport that the TV broadcast deal remains in place going forward.

“I’d also like to think we can keep the same team, if the riders are keen to remain for 2021. We’ll start to have a chat with them, so let’s see if we can pull them all back together for next spring.”

Chapman also believes there is a strong possibility of some speedway this year in the UK with high hopes of a British Final still going ahead along with grassroots youth and development action at National League standard.

He’s also open to the possibility of an individual event with a revival of the traditional Pride of the East event when crowds are allowed back in October.

“If and when it becomes possible of course we will look to stage some sort of speedway at the Adrian Flux Arena,” he said. “In fact I’d go as far as to say we are keen to make it happen if at all possible.”

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