Friday October 16, 2020
KING’S Lynn boss Peter Schroeck is keen to see more chances opened up for youngsters in the senior leagues.

Schroeck would welcome the return of protected reserve spots for a new generation of British riders who have been putting on a good show in the British Youth Championship this year.

And he would welcome a rule where youngsters are guaranteed to keep their place for a certain amount of time without fear of being dropped.

“We have a good crop of youngsters in the UK and they need to be encouraged, they need to see a way forward for them to progress into league racing,” he said.

“Look at King’s Lynn, Robert Lambert and Lewis Kerr both rode for the Young Stars back in the day and they’ve made good progress up the speedway ladder.

“I believe the kids provide great entertainment, they race with their heart and they give it everything.

“I’d love to see a system in place where they know they aren’t going to lose their team place after a couple of low scores, they have the security of their team place.

“We don’t know what the future holds for sport right now and we need some positivity and I have to say the youth meetings up and down the country have been great.

“I say a big well done to Scunthorpe, Edinburgh, Leicester and Belle Vue, as well as ourselves, for staging the meetings.

“We have a new TV deal with Eurosport, one of the biggest channels in the world, and we have a great crop of youngsters, British Speedway can go on and thrive.

“It’s something I’m very passionate about and we need to encourage the youngsters and their families to keep at it.”

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