Friday November 13, 2020
KING’S Lynn remain hopeful of seeing their own European Champion Robert Lambert at the Adrian Flux Arena next season.

Lambert has agreed deals in both Poland and Sweden and, under proposed rules in the Polish League, he would be ruled out of racing elsewhere.

Discussions between the British, Danish and Swedish governing bodies have been taking place about this restriction with plenty of time before next spring.

Stars co-promoter Dale Allitt said: “We are not ruling Robert out at this stage because there are talks continuing throughout Europe at this moment in time.

“We’re in regular contact with Robert and naturally we are delighted for him on a personal level that he is fixed up in Poland and Sweden.

“He isn’t the only rider this Polish restriction impacts, there are plenty, and if it goes through we will be seeing some very different Premiership line-ups next year. Speedway is in danger of becoming a Polish sport to the detriment of the other countries.

“We would like to keep Robert, but if this becomes not possible as is proposed by the Poles right now then we still hope he would come over and do a couple of meetings at King’s Lynn so our fans can welcome him home officially as European Champion.

“We will continue to clarify and update our sponsors and supporters as and when anything further develops.”

Lambert is planning a trip home from Poland to visit sponsors when Covid restrictions in the UK allow.

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