Tuesday November 17, 2020
ERIK Riss has revealed his desire to return to King’s Lynn as club bosses consider their options for next season.

Riss, 25, has been a popular figure since joining the Stars midway through 2018 with his unique riding style which resulted in the German being voted Rider of the Year last term.

“King’s Lynn has given me some stability in the last few years because when they signed me two years ago I had a chance to show that I am good enough for the top league in the UK,” said Riss.

“They have kept me ever since and it shows that they believe in my ability, and they believe that I will get better.

“It is a good thing for a rider to have a club that believes in you and it gives you that security when you’re back with them. It was really important to me to be in the top league so to have a club that believes in my ability and wants me back year after year gives me security in my job.

“I am grateful to have such a good club behind me that helps me progress in the sport and I am also thankful that King’s Lynn is a tough track to ride because it improves me as a rider.

“I put a lot of meaning into my racing because I want to do good for the club and the supporters, and that is what the club means to me.”

Riss isn’t under pressure to make tough decisions about where he rides because he doesn’t race in Poland. The Polish clubs are inserting a clause in contracts for next season restricting how many other leagues riders can race in.

With Riss keen to return to the Adrian Flux Arena he joins Thomas Jorgensen and Ty Proctor on the list of riders signed for 2020 keen to be back and Lewis Kerr is expected to do the same.

The club are also expected to include Craig Cook, another rider unaffected by the Polish restrictions.

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