Thursday December 24, 2020
KING’S Lynn stalwart Ty Proctor can’t wait to be back ‘home’ at the Adrian Flux Arena.

Following the cancellation of domestic speedway in the UK this year, the 33-year-old experienced racer opted to focus on working full-time rather than looking for limited racing opportunities as he feels it will benefit him more financially in the future.

It is well-known that the Aussie has a longstanding love for the Norfolk circuit and despite his struggles in 2019 which resulted in Proctor being released by the Minors and Brady Stars, he is determined to get back to winning ways next term.

“I think whatever level of the sport you’re at we all miss it,” said Proctor. “I read on Twitter that fans say they miss it and stuff like that so I just hope we reflect on how much we love the sport from top to bottom.

“It’s just the way life is and this year has thrown a massive curve ball but if we can all learn from it and make the sport better, getting British Speedway back to where it once was.

“I think what the world has taught us is that you have always got to have a plan B as a lot of riders only have one plan which has probably left them scratching their head a lot throughout this pandemic because there is no income as they’re solely a rider.”

With supporters returning to stadiums in Norfolk, it is certainly a positive sign for the Stars and Proctor hopes to see everyone back trackside in 2021.

He added: “The team spirit will be there next season. We speak on WhatsApp quite a bit, but life can take you in a different direction - Erik (Riss) is in Australia and Thomas (Jorgensen) is working over here so we are all spread out doing our own thing, but we try and have a chat every now and then which is good.

“We just hope that everything works out and we can get on track in March/April time and see all those familiar faces again as it has been a long 12 months and we all want to see bikes on track again.”

* KING'S LYNN Speedway would like to send our good wishes for Christmas to fans, staff and sponsors.

We are currently in extremely difficult and testing times, but the sun will shine and we will be back together next summer.

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