Friday January 29, 2021
GERMAN racer Erik Riss is hoping the door stays open for a King’s Lynn return.

Riss rocked the club last week by deciding to miss out on British racing this year as he has agreed deals in Poland, Sweden and Denmark.

During his 18-month spell in Norfolk, Riss scored 216 points from 28 league meetings with his finest achievements coming in 2019 when he was voted ‘Rider of the Year’ and ‘Most Entertaining Rider’ by fans.

“It was a very hard decision to make,” said Riss. “I have done five seasons in the UK. I enjoy riding there because they have a lot of meetings and as a rider that’s what you need as well as tough tracks to help you develop.

“I felt bad telling the club that I wouldn’t be coming back to King’s Lynn because when they asked me a few months ago I was keen to come back, but my mind has changed over the last few weeks.

“I didn’t make this decision for financial reasons because I am actually worse off choosing Denmark and Sweden as I would have a lot more meetings in the UK. I want to be the best and to do that I need to ride.”

Despite his decision to ride abroad in 2021, the German wishes the Minors and Brady Stars well for the coming season.

He added: “For the fans at King’s Lynn I just hope they get to see some racing as it’s not only important for them but also the clubs and British Speedway in general because they need to ride this year.

“I would like to come back and ride in Britain so I hope by 2022 everything will be back to normal. I always want to ride in the UK as I get a lot of time on the bike there.

“I am really sad that I won’t be back this year, but I hope everything gets back to normal so I can come back.”


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