Monday July 05, 2021
KING’S Lynn fought hard but ran out of steam to suffer another home defeat this time 48-42 at the hands of rivals Ipswich.

They slipped in the second half of the meeting after riding well and opening up with a maximum.

Scott Nicholls proved to be an impressive guest replacement for the injured Erik Riss with 10-points and Thomas Jorgensen dug deep in the number one spot for Peter Schroeck’s men.

Richard Lawson, who has been a fine signing, continued his fine form with 12 from five outings.

Lynn made the perfect start at the third attempt to stage the first race when Thomas Jorgensen and Scott Nicholls got the better of Anders Rowe and Steve Worrall.

The fact that all four riders were allowed back in the first place was strange as both Nicholls and Worrall hit the tapes.

Ipswich were on a 5-1 in Heat 3 but Jake Allen fell to hand the Stars a share of the spoils.

Craig Cook was back at the Adrian Flux Arena for the first time since he was released by Lynn and he pulled off a stunning win by passing Richard Lawson on the line.

And Ipswich notched a 5-1 to hand Witches the lead at 16-14 after five races.

Another fabulous race was Heat 10 when Jorgensen pulled off a stunning pass on Danny King to keep Lynn in the meeting.

But Ipswich were the stronger all-round team and pulled well clear to secure the away win with two heats to spare.

Lawson beat Cook in Heat 15 with Jorgensen third to deny Ipswich a fourth league point but they were happy with three points to take back to Suffolk.

Frustrated Stars boss Peter Schroeck said: “We got close but we didn’t have enough strength as a team. You only have to look at the scorecard for the weak links in the team and we certainly couldn’t match their reserves.

“It’s so disappointing but we have to keep going to try and put it right.”

KING’S LYNN 42: Richard Lawson 12, Scott Nicholls 10+1, Thomas Jorgensen 8, Lewis Kerr 7, Ricky Wells 3, Cameron Heeps 1+1, Connor Mountain 1.

IPSWICH 48: Paul Starke 14+2, Craig Cook 12+1, Danny King 11, Steve Worrall 5+1, Drew Kemp 4+2, Jake Allen 1, Anders Rowe 1.

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