Thursday June 29, 2023
KING’S Lynn skipper Nicolai Klindt kept up his sensational run of form in Thursday’s Premiership Pairs at Leicester.

Klindt, who barring a blip at Wolverhampton on Monday has been one of the league’s in-form riders of late, was the second highest scorer in the major event at the Pidcock Motorcycles Arena, Beaumont Park as he dropped just two points in six rides.

Unfortunately for the MacInnes Stars, team-mate Thomas Jorgensen failed to score in five outings, whilst when reserve Anders Rowe took his compulsory outing he suffered an awkward crash on the way to the first bend when he tangled with Wolverhampton’s Steve Worrall, although he was able to take the re-start.

Klindt dropped his only points to Ipswich captain Danny King in his last ride and home No.1 Max Fricke in his last, and in between he took clear wins over the powerful Sheffield and Belle Vue combinations, and was also the only rider to defeat the flying Richie Worrall of Peterborough in the qualifying races.

The Panthers went straight to the Final but were beaten in that race by Belle Vue, who overcame Sheffield in the semi-final before Brady Kurtz and Dan Bewley trapped ahead of Worrall and Ben Cook in the decider.

PETERBOROUGH 33: Richie Worrall 23, Ben Cook 8, Jordan Jenkins 2.
BELLE VUE 32: Dan Bewley 20, Brady Kurtz 12, Jake Mulford 0.
SHEFFIELD 29: Jack Holder 16, Tobiasz Musielak 13, Dan Gilkes 0.
LEICESTER 26: Max Fricke 19, Drew Kemp 5, Justin Sedgmen 2.
IPSWICH 26: Danny King 18, Erik Riss 8, Dan Thompson 0.
KING’S LYNN 22: Nicolai Klindt 22, Thomas Jorgensen 0, Anders Rowe 0.
WOLVERHAMPTON 21: Steve Worrall 16, Sam Masters 5, Leon Flint 0.

SEMI-FINAL: Kurtz, Bewley, Holder, Musielak – [Belle Vue beat Sheffield 7-2].
GRAND FINAL: Kurtz, Bewley, R.Worrall, B.Cook – [Belle Vue beat Peterborough 7-2].

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