Friday January 03, 2020
GREAT Britain international Craig Cook is returning to King’s Lynn next season.

After joining the Norfolk outfit midway through 2019, the Cumbrian racer showed he could be a real threat around the Adrian Flux Arena.

Cook, 32, is certainly pleased be back in East Anglia after an enjoyable first campaign in Stars’ colours, and he has paid tribute to the supporters for making him feel so welcome.

“I am very pleased to be back with King’s Lynn this year,” said Cook “The club welcomed me with open arms in 2019 and obviously, it was a bit of a shock for me to leave Belle Vue and it kind of left me in the lurch because most clubs were full.

“One thing led to another with me then not being at Peterborough and it kind of left me with nothing in the Premiership.

“Thankfully, the Stars came along at a point in the season which gave me an opportunity, but I really enjoyed it you know, and the people were fantastic there!

“Buster (Chapman) was great as was the team and Peter (Schroeck) made me feel extremely welcome, and we got on very well.

“The club is something that I am looking forward to being a part of again and hopefully we can do a little bit better this year.”

Boss Schroeck is pleased to land his man and believes there is plenty more to come from his side.

He said: “I know a lot of people are saying this team is very familiar and we didn’t achieve what we wanted to last season but we are capable of so much improvement.

“All the guys are up for the challenge and I’m confident of this becoming a play-off side. Craig is up for a big season and there’s no reason why he cannot up his average back at King’s Lynn.”

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