Friday January 24, 2020
KING’S Lynn boss Peter Schroeck is delighted with the Stars line-up ahead of the new season.

Following a tough campaign on and off track in 2019, it is clear the Norfolk outfit are determined to show they have the strength in depth to challenge for silverware in the Premiership this term.

“I am very relieved to have everything in place now,” said Schroeck “It has been a long winter with having to wait to see what was going on with the league, but we’re fully prepared now and everything is in order.

“The glass isn’t half empty, it’s half full for us, though, we have to work on our away form and we all know that - from the fans, to the riders. I think all the boys are capable of doing a good job and as far as I am concerned we have a good home advantage which is obviously very important, but then the away results will come as well.

“The boys all know what happened last year and they are all there to fix the problem. Hopefully, we can push on from there. Last term there were certain circumstances around the team where we had injuries all at the wrong time.

“There were two or three riders who couldn’t settle in because when someone like Erik Riss gets injured you always knew there would come a time where he would come back into the team. To make that happen; someone had to make way and for five or six weeks there were two or three riders who didn’t know if they had a future with the team.

"This season, we had to let Michael (Palm Toft) go which wasn’t easy, but when you can’t fit everyone in then somebody has to go. I think we have got a nice balance in the team with lots of room for improvement and with Ty (Proctor) coming back, I am pleased he is coming back at reserve.

“He is going to look after Michael Härtel quite nicely so, there is no pressure on them and Ty can enjoy it getting as many rides as possible being one the best reserves in the league.”

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