Friday October 09, 2020
KING’S Lynn co-promoter Dale Allitt has revealed how the club have protection over their 2020 side for next year.

It means no other clubs can speak to the 1-7 who were signed for this season before the pandemic wiped out the league campaign without asking Lynn’s permission.

And Allitt is hopeful most, if not all, of the riders will be keen to return for the relaunch of British racing.

“We’ve got protection over the guys which is a good starting point,” he said. “Obviously we will need to speak with all the riders individually and, yes, it may be that we have to make a change here or there.

“We were pleased with the team because we felt there was improvement in every one of our riders and I believe that’s what some of the critics overlooked.”

Allitt has also addressed the situation surrounding European Champion Robert Lambert who said on TV at the weekend he will be riding in Poland and Sweden but is yet to decide on Britain.

He said: “Robert didn’t say anything he’s not already said to us. He hasn’t said he won’t be riding in the UK, he just needs to work out the logistics before finalising things.

“There’s a long way to go before the 2021 season and a lot can happen, not just in the sport but in the country generally.

“Robert is wanted back here at King’s Lynn and his place with us is open and there for him.

“He’s had a tremendous season over in Poland and as a club we feel proud of that, particularly his European title.”

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