Friday December 11, 2020
KING’S Lynn favourite Erik Riss is becoming a better rider – thanks to time spent in his own back yard!

The German racer, who recently married his partner in Australia, rides on a small 120-metre track at home to keep him fit and also improve his technique.

Riss is one of five Stars riders who have pledged to remain at the Adrian Flux Arena next spring when the Premiership is due to be relaunched.

He said: “It is only something like 120 metres so it is a really small track.

“We started building the track in 2015 and we just ran on clay, but it didn’t work too well so we added sand to it and it turned out pretty good.

“It’s not the kind of track where you can work on setups and stuff because it’s not big enough but it is perfect for working on your technique which was good for me as I didn’t start speedway as early as others.

“At the time we built that track it came in handy because I was still developing my skills and it is perfect to have a track at home because you can literally go out and try something.

“You can think about things you could be doing wrong and it has helped me a lot improving my skills, style and technique on the bike.

“The UK is different to somewhere like Poland where it comes down to having good machinery but riding such a tough, technical and grippy track every week at Lynn helps you to improve and it makes it easier to ride other tracks.”

Riss has also stressed how happy he is to be settled with the Minors and Brady Stars in the top flight.

He added: “I do feel really appreciated by King’s Lynn because they see my potential and it shows that they believe in my ability, and they believe that I will get better.

“We’re on the same page and it is really good to know that the club like me because they want to build a future with me.”

Discussions regarding next season continue at both Premiership and Championship level following controversial new restrictions on riders and the amount of leagues they are allowed to race in imposed by Polish clubs.

Some riders will inevitably miss out on the British scene which means changes are likely to Premiership teams.

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