Friday January 22, 2021
KING’S Lynn’s team building has hit a setback with Erik Riss opting out of British racing this year.

Despite clubs naming a May start for the new season, Riss has opted to ride in Denmark alongside Sweden and Poland – and under Polish restrictions he can’t race anywhere else.

It’s a big blow to the Minors and Brady Stars who had Riss included in every permutation for their 2021 side.

“I can’t pretend otherwise, this is a major setback to us,” said co-promoter Dale Allitt. “Erik thought very carefully about the decision but he has decided to miss out on Britain.

“We have to respect Erik’s decision and we must now press on looking for alternative options. Hopefully we will be able to have some positive news soon.

“To be fair to Erik, he was very patient last year and hung around in the UK waiting for the season to start and I know he was planning to race here this year, but clearly he feels Denmark and Sweden is the better option to go with his Polish duties.

“We have options and we have riders committed to us for 2021 which will become clear in due course, we just ask our fans to stay patient for the time being.

“We wish Erik well for the season ahead and we are confident it isn’t the last we have seen of him in King’s Lynn colours.”

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