Friday June 18, 2021
ERIK Riss is keen to banish the blues when he rides for King’s Lynn in Thursday’s home clash with Belle Vue.

Riss failed to score in the heavy defeat at Peterborough last time out and with Monday’s trip to Wolves put back to later in the season next Thursday is his first chance to put it right.

He said: “I will think about that Monday night at Peterborough for a long time,” Riss said.

“I felt so embarrassed for the club, for the supporters, the sponsors and of course for myself.

“I have such high expectations of myself and as No.1 of King’s Lynn I should not be scoring nothing at all.

“It was really, really hard to accept at the time and even now it’s still hard to accept.

“I know you can’t change the past and it doesn’t help if you dwell on it but I am that kind of person who wishes I could go back and do things differently.

“I don’t like the fact I had that zero to my name and unfortunately I will always remember that.

“Even though I came back and scored 15-points (for Birmingham) I was still disappointed because I gave away three points.

“Whenever I go out to race I want to win every race - if I don’t I get angry with myself.

“I know what I can do though and it won’t be easy to hit back from something like that but I'll be giving it my all.

“But I can’t afford another bad score like last time and I have to go out there and score some big points.”

Meanwhile Minors and Brady Stars co-promoter Dale Allitt has confirmed the delay to the easing of restrictions announced on Monday doesn't impact racing at King's Lynn and it remains business as usual for the club.

Tickets are on sale now for next Thursday’s Premiership clash with Belle Vue with full details on the club website.

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