Wednesday July 07, 2021
OWNER Keith Chapman has told King’s Lynn fans to ‘blame me’.

Chapman made the call to former boss Peter Schroeck on Tuesday morning which resulted in the former rider leaving the club.

Since then some fans have turned on co-promoter Dale Allitt with some online posts and messages becoming abusive.

But Chapman said: “This is nothing to do with Dale. Blame me, I’m the owner of the club and this would not have happened without my involvement.

“Dale wasn’t involved and didn’t even know until I called him after calling Peter, it’s as simple as that.

“I would also like to add that I’m delighted Peter will still be coming to King’s Lynn thanks to his involvement with Sam Hagon. He’s done so much good work with younger riders and I’m delighted that will continue.

“I know Peter has had many kind messages and rightly so. He’s a great guy and our conversation was tough. I didn’t enjoy that one bit.”

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