Friday July 16, 2021
KING’S Lynn co-promoter Dale Allitt has ruled himself out of the team manager role.

Allitt took charge of the team for the 2018 season before ill health saw Peter Schroeck come into the club.

And following Schroeck’s departure last week many people have reached the conclusion that Allitt will automatically step in.

“I never wanted the job back because I’m so busy,” he said. “I didn’t predict Peter leaving and I remain sad about it but that’s what happens in sport sometimes.

“I’ll step in and offer help until such a time we get a permanent manager, but I really don’t want the role going forward because I have so much work to do.

“I’m heavily involved with King’s Lynn and I’m also helping Peterborough out on behalf of Keith Chapman.”

Allitt is only too aware of the possibility that Lynn could go through an entire season without winning a home match.

“As a club we will do all we can to avoid that,” he said. “We have tried to change the team in the last week or so but we can’t get riders here from the continent.

“We’ve tried Danes, Swedes, Poles, you name it but we can’t get them here. We have to work with what we have got and going forward we need to enhance the youth system and protect young British riders to give them opportunities.

“The sport is facing huge challenges right now and this is not the first time King’s Lynn have faced a crisis and it won’t be the last because that’s how sport can kick you when you’re down.

“What we need to do is stick together as a club and I include our brilliant supporters in that. We are working on the future of King’s Lynn Speedway but we need our fans to support us in our remaining five home meetings.”

The Minors and Brady Stars return to action next Thursday, July 22, when they face Belle Vue at the Adrian Flux Arena.

The Manchester side are hotly tipped to become champions for the first time since 1993.

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