Sunday September 05, 2021
ERIK Riss insists King’s Lynn will give it their all when they head to league leaders Wolverhampton on Monday (7.30).

German racer Riss says pride remains on the line as they look to push a powerhouse Wolves side as much as possible on the Monmore Green track.

The club are also counting down to their final home meeting of the season when they face Sheffield on Thursday when they will make a significant and positive announcement about their plans for the 2022 season.

Said Riss: "We will go to Wolverhampton and do our best to win the meeting as we always do. It's disappointing we have nothing but pride to ride for but we owe our fans a good performance.

"The fans have been awesome all season and have backed us in every meeting. It's not been easy at times especially at home but we always give our best and we will again when we face Sheffield in our final home meeting on Thursday.

"It's not worked out for us as a team this season but I always enjoy racing for the club and things have improved in the last few weeks. It's always run professionally and the track is so good to ride."

WOLVERHAMPTON: Sam Masters, Luke Becker, Nick Morris, Ryan Douglas, Rory Schlein, Broc Nicol, Leon Flint.

KING’S LYNN: Richard Lawson, Ben Barker, Erik Riss, Lewis Kerr, Thomas Jorgensen, Connor Mountain, Kasper Andersen.

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