Sunday September 26, 2021
KING’S Lynn racer Lewis Kerr admitted ‘it’s all about 2022’ after the curtain came down on the season with a 61-29 thumping at Sheffield.

Kerr struggled with his bike set-up all night and was leading one race when he went wide, lost control and hit the fence but somehow managed to stay on the bike.

Thomas Jorgensen also had a tough night culminating in a crash in heat 13 as he went into the air barrier at high speed and was badly winded.

It was a disappointing end to the season with Sheffield carding three maximum scores from Jack Holder, Troy Batchelor and Josh Pickering.

Said Kerr: “It’s all about 2022 but I have to say that wasn’t good enough from us.

“I know it’s a tough place to come but I’m a little embarrassed to be honest, the scoreline doesn’t look good on our part.

“We should have done better and we all know that, but we have to learn from it and all we can do is put our hands up and say we weren’t good enough.

“It’s been a tough year at King’s Lynn and next year I hope we can make the play-offs to reward the fans and the promotion.

“We showed signs of improvement at times this season but we couldn’t carry it through so we have to improve going forward.”

SHEFFIELD 61: Jack Holder 15, Josh Pickering 13+2, Troy Batchelor 13+2, Danyon Hume 8+2, Adam Ellis 8+1, James Wright 4+1, Kyle Howarth r/r.

KING’S LYNN 29: Kasper Andersen 7+3, Ben Barker 7+1, Connor Mountain 4+1, Lewis Kerr 4, Thomas Jorgensen 4, Erik Riss 3, Richard Lawson r/r.

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